I believe that each creation has four phases: dreaming, planning, acting, and reflecting. Think about it - is there anything you’ve ever made that didn’t first enter into your mind, you came up with some game plan, you carried it out, and then when you were done you could see what went well and where you improved? Isn’t this what scrums are really about? I wanted a scrum for my personal life, but I didn’t find it practical to use the many online resources available.
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If you don’t know how to use the shell/terminal/command line, you should. Why? Here’s a sampling of I’ve done in the last month: I used R to generate 30,000 plots using ggplot(). I used the shell and ffmpeg to animate those plots as a movie. I’ve used the shell from VBA to send an Excel column of data into Stata, execute a summary statistic command, and then import the results back into Excel.
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