The goal of this tutorial is to do the following: Collect addresses (via Google Forms) Download to R (via googlesheets) Geocode them (via geocode) Plot them (using leaflet) Get driving distance between them (via gmapsdistance) Cluster them (kmeans) Making the leaflet plot fancy 1. Collect Perhaps in a future post I’ll explore googleformr. For now, I create forms the old-school way.
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The beauty of open source is “Oh, let me just download that package and I can do amazing things!”. The reality is “ok, I downloaded it, and I got the ‘hello world’ example working. But now to actually get it to do what I want in the environment that I want takes like…now 30 hours? Just one more bug and I’ll finally give up…” Bugs I hit: I hit a lot of bugs when building my Leaflet tutorial.
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