R users fall in love with ggplot2, the growing standard for data visualization in R. The ability to quickly vizualize trends, and customize just about anything you’d want, make it a powerful tool. Yet this week, I made a discvoery that may reduce how much I used ggplot2. Enter plot_ly(). For this post, I assume that you have a working knowledge of the dplyr (or magrittr) and ggplot2 packages.
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If you don’t know how to use the shell/terminal/command line, you should. Why? Here’s a sampling of I’ve done in the last month: I used R to generate 30,000 plots using ggplot(). I used the shell and ffmpeg to animate those plots as a movie. I’ve used the shell from VBA to send an Excel column of data into Stata, execute a summary statistic command, and then import the results back into Excel.
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