Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters

world war 2

Thursday February 22, 2024

world war 2

Comparison to Band of Brothers


When I meet people i size them up.

Ambrose: I would follow Winters because he was honest and knew how to lay down a cover of fire.

Three stages

  1. This can’t happen to me
  2. This could happen to me
  3. This is going to happen to me. → combat fatigue. Take off helmet and just put hand through hair.

Some people snapped.


Leadership from the bayonette. 10 points of leadership by dick winters.

  1. Strive to be a leader of character, competence, and courage.
  2. Lead from the front. Say, “Follow me!” and then lead the way.
  3. Stay in top physical shape—physical stamina is the root of mental toughness.
  4. Develop your team. If you know your people, are fair in setting realistic goals and expectations, and lead by example, you will develop teamwork.
  5. Delegate responsibility to your subordinates and let them do their jobs. You can’t do a good job if you don’t have a chance to use your imagination or your creativity.
  6. Anticipate problems and prepare to overcome obstacles. Don’t wait until you get to the top of the ridge and then make up your mind.
  7. Remain humble. Don’t worry about who receives the credit. Never let power or authority go to your head.
  8. Take a moment of self-reflection. Look at yourself in the mirror every night and ask yourself if you did your best.
  9. True satisfaction comes from getting the job done. The key to a successful leader is to earn respect—not because of rank or position, but because you are a leader of character.
  10. Hang tough!—Never, ever give up.


Band of brothers


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