The plans and risks of generations

Saturday December 23, 2023

Great book

Love the storytelling. Herbert has a way of revealing things he narrates, observations, but holds the conclusions and insights to the individuals.

Makes you feel like you have superpowers as you read it. Am I a Fremen? An Atreities? It’s fun to read and consider.

Thought provoking. Concepts of politics, religion, science, and diplomacy. War, worms, and wonder. Great read.


Connections: - Alan Pinkerton killers “secrets break the character of the criminal till they give it out”. Dr Yueh cries when his scripture is given out.

Notes: - if I made him do it it wouldn’t be his doing. - storytelling: why tell us 100% of everything up front? The movie hides the secrets about Yueh. - storytelling: the hindsight narrator

When God has appointed a man to die, he guides his wants to desire that place

Storytelling - How he explains their thoughts after subtle observations. He explains things through humanity, not through narration alone. This makes those points more salient. It’s as if the dialogue is the content and the narration are the footnotes and context.


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