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Wednesday March 27, 2024


Find out your sensitivity profile | Heal Your Nervous System

2024-03-30 summary and takeaways


Boundaries - Don’t explain or defend them. Don’t share them. - Set boundaries. If you’re going to talk for 5 min then only talk for 5 min. - Parenting techniques - Placating parent. - Conflict avoiding parent.

Three streps for challenges

Book: attachment disturbances in adults.

Five core needs of attachment(like a house) 1. foundation. Safety and protection. 2. Walls. Attunement. Attune to the feelings. Identify the feelings, provide safety for them. Create a supporting environment, attune to their needs. 3. Roof: sooltjing and comfort. Shelter and security. Reassurance and support. Touch. 4. Windows: expressed delight. Regularly express it. 5. Garden: support self development. Aim for good enough. Support them in new ways.

Secure attachment Dismissive attachment - Solves problems by avoidance or workaholic Preoccupied attachment - abandonemwnt, extra reassurance - Expressed delight was missing - Seek approval or reassurance. - Highly sensitive to rejection - Overshare personal details - Anxiety Disorganized or fearful attachment.

Imagine having your attachment needs met. IPF therapy. IPF protocol. Don’t just think about. Imagine. Feel everything of having met. - Deep breaths - Identify what you need: feeling supported. - Reflect - Imagine ideal parenting. - Create image of what ideal parent figures would look like. - Imagine those ideal parents interacting with your. Imagine them interacting with you in a nice scene. - Visualize and journal about ideal parent figures.

Track or be aware of your heart rate. Interoception: awareness of what things contribute to your stress.

Heartbeat awareness or breathing awareness. - Locate pulse - 30 seconds light. - Locate pulse - 1 minute of mild. - 30 seconds of locate pulse. - 2 minutes of intense

Interoceptive awareness. Body scan. Exteroceptive awareness: your surroundings.

Elevator alertness map: put coping strategies into the map.

Nervous System Regulation: How to Start Regulating Your Nervous System



Five stages - awareness - Sensory stimulatjon - active proprioception - jump rope - passive Proprioceptive - Massage gun - Deep tissue - Tactile input - Manipulate textured - Olfactory input - Oral (tasting) - Visual - Sleep - Light 10 min after waking. - Light for 10 min in late afternoon. - Dim lights after sunlight, keep low to the ground - Regulation - restoration - Connection - Expansion

Heal your nervous system


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