Killers of the Flower Moon: the Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI

An incredible story of how low, sick and twisted humanity can get, and how good people can truly be.
murder mystery

Friday December 22, 2023

murder mystery


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Earnest Burkheart’s confession: - similar to The Tell Tale heart. Someone feels better letting go of lying and coming clean. He was a happy man, even living in prison the rest of his life. - Why doesn’t Hale feel this way?

They were the happiest people because they didn’t own anything and nobody owned them.

Storytelling: - Zoom out of the big picture, get to some conclusion of Earnest’s story, then get back to the main plot. Wrap up the branches, perhaps with some summary or quip. - focused on one storyline, but revealed other side stories and off shoots. - the mystery is in the known details, unknown at the tkme

Takeaways: - Different types of people. Earnest - has somewhat of a conscience to tell the truth. - FBI agents died destitute. No glory. Hoover took it all

Tom White is incredible. Was shot and left for dead but forgave his captors.

Questions: - how many descendants today with money stolen from the Osage? - how many crimes like this continue to happen today?


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