The Energy Bus


Saturday April 20, 2024



  1. You’re the driver of the bus.
    1. My vision for my life, including my health is…
    2. My vision for my work, job, career is…
    3. My vision for my family is…
  2. Focus. Focus on your vision for 10 min a day.
    • Events + perception = outcomes
    • If you keep thinking in one way do you expect different results?
    • If you’re skeptical about AI, are you going to be able to get it done?
    • If you don’t believe you won’t achieve #quotes
  3. Full the bus with positive energy.
    1. Be thankful. Thank you walk
    2. Success if the day. One great good shot.
  4. Invite people in your bus. Share your vision and invite them.

The Energy Bus


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