2024-01-21 Come Follow Me CTR 7 Jan 15-21 1 Nephi 6-10


come follow me lesson plan
come follow me

Sunday January 21, 2024

come follow me lesson plan
come follow me


These chapters teach me:

  • how to overcome adversity (prayer)
  • Some people never change (Laman and Lemuel)
  • People who don’t like the message usually reject it and denounce it (Laman and Lemuel)
  • The love of God is accessible to all
  • The Lord invites all, even if He knows they won’t listen
  • Those who come can fully appreciate the beauty of the Lord’s love
  • If you take your eyes off the Savior, and care what people think instead, you can feel shame which can drive you to leave Him
  • The scriptures are written with a specific purpose: they don’t know. They’re doing what the Lord wants them to do.
  • The Lord will teach those about the Tree of Life who want to know about it. Nephi wasn’t any more special than anyone else. He just wanted to know.
  • The Lord works through prophets. Through the priesthood.
  • Perhaps Lehi could have been more gentle with Laman and Lemuel. But Nephi did mention the “tender feelings” that Lehi had for them, so maybe Laman and Lemuel just didn’t get it
  • There’s a little bit of Laman and Lemuel and Nephi and Sam and Lehi and Sariah in all of us.
  • Over time, the prophecies are revealed and fulfilled.

The image generated by GPT from the above bullets # Studies

Activity Ideas

  • “let me see” (1 Nephi 11.1) - show a video to one kid, have him share or try to draw it. Have others try to understand. They just have to see for themselves.
  • Iron rod activity: blindfold.


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