Three Little Pigs

A story with a terrible but incredibly relatable morale

book review

Wednesday December 13, 2023

book review

first glance

Yes this is a book review about “The Three Little Pigs”.

The first pig is lazy. So he builds his house of straw.

The second is lazy too. So he builds his house of sticks.

Then the third is the smart one who builds his house of bricks.

But the first two brothers just make fun of the mason. Why waste your time?!? We’re having fun!

So the wolf comes and blows down the houses of the lazy brothers. They run and hide in brick brother’s house.

Moral of the story: be lazy but have a great, well prepared brother!

not quite

I’ve always been bothered by this as I read to my kids. But I’ve recently changed my opinion. Because im very much the first and second brother. We all are.

Were inadequate. Maybe we’re not smart enough to know how to create bricks and such. Maybe we don’t have enough resources and the straw is the best we can do. And maybe we hide behind these insecurities by laughing at those who have more.

Maybe we hide behind our insecurity and question God. The Wise One.

See, Christ is our Brick. He’s the safety. He’s the home we can run to when the world blows us over. He’s the Prepared One who was wishing for us to come to him the whole time. The cry of “you’ll be sorry” by this brother could perhaps be His loving warning of “please be wise. There’s a wolf out there.” Yet we don’t listen. We want to play.

I love the third pig because he lets them in.

Also, the third pig never had to worry about almost getting eaten. Sure, first two enjoyed their fiddle and dance. But they almost died. The third pig is like the non-prodigal son. The one who stayed home and enjoyed the safety of the home the whole time.

Be wise. Be forgiving. And yes, we always have a wise elder Brother who will accept us.


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