Stairwell scoop

A descend of Everest.

Saturday January 13, 2024


The Stairwell Scoop

Left hand: hotwheel
Right hand: Thomas book
In front of me: Mt Everest. 
Objective: descend. 
Difficulty with hands occupied: impossible
Expectation: ride on a Sherpa 
Request: grunt. "Ehhh!!" Paired with helpless eyes and full hands. Eyes that sag with "what am I supposed to do?"
Observation: dad approaches. Request accepted. 
Engagement: giant left arm behind my right hip. Diaper fully supported. Knees open, then latch like a Koala onto love handles. Maintain proper tension between knees and toes. 
Payment to Sherpa: a kind coo and pleasant, soft smile, like I own him. 
Response: more cuddles. I do own him. Probability of next successful Sherpa request: 97%. Probability heightens if I scuttle away fast at the bottom of Everest, shaking my hips. 

The plea


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