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Tuesday January 9, 2024


When I first discovered audiobooks it felt like a super power. I can listen while working out, while doing dishes, while folding laundry, etc. the possibilities! Then came Libby, the app that allows me to connect to my local library and do what?! Download audiobooks?! Yes plz.

In 2023 I got back into podcasts. Lots of All-in listening, a lot of Tim Ferris again, some Huberman, etc.

Despite fascinating interviews that tell the story of now, the benefit of a book is that it’s hundreds if not thousands of hours of mental preparation, editing, preparing. Why wouldn’t I want to read something that someone spent thousands of hours curating vs them just spitballing for 60m.

Some podcasts can tell a different story than you can get in a book, or tell the backstory, etc. but they’re usually on a podcast to get you to read the book!!

Thank you to the writers, and to all readers who give them an audience and a livelihood so they’ll keep writing.

Boring chores are now some of my favorite parts of the day

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