I’m Grateful for Avocados

They enrich everything they’re combined with, even life itself.

Monday February 5, 2024


“Aguacate, verduras!” It’s a common refrain you hear on the streets of Honduras.

I first remember being woken up by this loud bark as a vendor walked the street inviting the entire town to enjoy his “avocados, vegetables!!”

I don’t blame him. I, too, want people to enjoy the things I like. And if this guy was selling avocados then I wanted to be buying.

It’s rare that I don’t want avocados on anything. Tonight, I enjoyed them on a hot dog, a classic dish called a “completo” in Chile. Put it on a burger. Put it on a hot dog. It’s like green eggs and ham, I’d eat it on a train, with a fox in a box. Here, there, anywhere.



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