I’m Grateful for Basketball

It brings people together, and many people can contribute in their own way

Wednesday January 31, 2024


Just played some ball tonight. Not sure who invented this game, but it’s really come a long way.

The cool thing is that you can be horrible at shooting and still find a way to contribute. There are a lot of skills and abilities that make a good team.

I play with the same 20 guys, and it’s amazing how different combinations of 5 people play so differently. The flow, the passing, the defense - it all varies with who’ve you got on the court. And that’s what makes it fun. Sometimes you contribute more. Sometimes less.


I’ve played it my whole life, though never well. I played in rec leagues in college. In rec leagues in high school. And now with a bunch of folks who just love the game. And that’s why it’s fun: it brings people together.


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