I’m Grateful for Book Club

It’s how old people pretend like they’re still young, and have a good time doing it.m

Thursday February 15, 2024


Belonging to a book club means you’re old. You’re so old that book clubs are how you have fun. Not playing pickup basketball. Not going to concerts. Not going to the movies. Not going longboarding down the canyon. A book club.

What’s better than any old book club? One with friends that you’ve already done all that other stuff with. One that helps you stay connected. One that inspires new ideas.

I’m grateful for the boring book club. Because it’s fun.

It’s also fascinating how everyone picks up different insights. Never Split the Difference talks about how hostage negotiators always have one speaker and three or four other people on the call trained to listen to just one thing. It’s because the mind can only process so much information. It’s cool to see how friends pick up on all that different stuff.

Longboarding to read a book


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