I’m Grateful for brownies

But really, is there anything better than a warm Costco brownie with vanilla ice cream?

Saturday February 17, 2024


I walk downstairs, the kitchen is clean. It’s 7:47 and I know at 8 it’s too late. Now is the time.

My wife opens the pantry, pulls out the bowls, mixes some ingredients, and I power wash some dishes. “Will you put this in the oven when it’s ready?” I wait for the beep. It beeps. I plop in the tray, it’s 8:01.

45 minutes later the tray emerges, having fulfilled its purpose. With a clatter on the table, warmth released from the oven and into the kitchen as the pan rested on the stove. Vanilla ice cream emerged from the freezer. Smiles ensued.

It’s not a brownie if it’s not from Costco


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