I’m Grateful for Chirping Birds

I’m grateful for the time of day and time of year they make their presence known.

Saturday January 27, 2024


Been hearing some birds chirp lately. It’s still January but around where I live it’s practically spring.

On early morning hikes I can sometimes hear the birds waking up. Sometimes a tree will be full of the little chirpers.

Why do birds sing? Why do they like singing more in the late winter, or after a rain storm? It’s a calming reassurance that we’ve all been hunkered down during a storm and are relieved to see the sun.

Maybe it’s the beady eyes, the quick twitch of the head and neck, the instinctual liftoff when you get too close…maybe that’s why I like them. They’re just cool. Birds are cool.

The green and the birds make a great combo


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