I’m Grateful for Freedom of Religion


family history

Thursday March 14, 2024

family history

I’m grateful for the freedom of religion. I’m reading The Happiest Man on Earth right now and cannot fathom the horrid experiences Eddie had to endure.

When we (as humans) start labeling and blaming groups of people for our problems, we begin dehumanizing them and they’re no longer worth anything to us. And if we have power, we can choose to destroy them.

It’s incredible how depraved humanity can become. It happened to the Germans, but it can happen anywhere. It happened in the U.S. with slavery and civil rights failures.

I’m grateful for the freedom of religion. It hasn’t always been free. My ancestors were shot at in Missouri and driven from their home in Nauvoo to cross the plains in the winter with nothing but dirt to eat to pacify their hunger.

They crawled on their hands in the frozen tundra because it’s all they could do.

Some survived. But not all.

Today I enjoy freedoms they didn’t have. The freedom to not have to cross a frozen tundra on my hands and feet because I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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