I’m Grateful for Gatherings for the Super Bowl

It brings people together

Sunday February 11, 2024


I remember a few fun memories of gathering with friends and family for the Super Bowl while growing up. Often there might be a contest, with random questions like “how long is the opening anthem going to be sung for: longer or shorter than 60s?” Fill out a page of such questions and the person with the most correct answers wins.

Football is a fun sport. I grew up playing it for nearly 12 years - from 2nd grade through senior year. There’s something about playing a sport for that long that you grow an experiential appreciation for what these guys can do.

I don’t follow football much, or any sport for that matter. I don’t have the patience for tracking who goes where. But I love playing it and, when the Super Bowl is on, watching it.

That’s the cool thing - even people who don’t care much for football enjoy watching the game.

Da bears


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