I’m grateful for artists

Those who create, who learn, who think in new ways, who pioneer, who explore.


Wednesday December 27, 2023


Someone sent me this video:

This artist has 536 followers on YouTube. Not exactly an influencer.

What makes someone special? Because other people think they’re special? Because they have a lot of followers?

This video has some cool insights, things I never considered before. The image is really meaningful.

Little Lamb, by Jenedy Paige

Im grateful for people who do research. Who create. Who take on projects they don’t want to but feel inspired to take on. For people who connect the dots in new ways.

Creativity is a process. Everyone has the capacity to be creative. Everyone has uniquely experienced a unique combination of things. Therefore, when they synthesize those things, they become like a little Da Vinci.

No, this isn’t the Mona Lisa. But it doesn’t have to be to be meaningful and powerful. Even if it only reaches 536 YouTube subscribers.


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