I’m Grateful for Ice Skating

For the people who make communities thrive

Monday January 15, 2024


Today I went ice skating. It was great.

I remembered a video about this old guy that wakes up at 5am or something and goes out and waters the ice rink. He fills up a few tubs of his own hot water and just treks over to the public park to fill up the rink. He uses his own homemade zamboni and what not.

There are good people in this world.

Ice rink

What’s cool about an ice rink is I don’t think about it for 364 days a year. But it’s there when I want to go. So that means enough people love it to keep it in business, and I can go only when I want to (once a year). Thats a cool thing too: collective community makes so many things possible, like downtown restaurants and museums - places that if they relied just on me they’d never last. But the community keeps them afloat (pun?).

I tried finding it, but this is the closest thing I could find. Just imagine this very old guy out there shlepping 55 gallon drums of water.

I found it!

It’s just become a way of life. If I don’t do the rink I don’t feel right.

What a guy.


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