I’m Grateful for Long Runs

Oh the places you’ll go.

Thursday February 8, 2024


In 2020 my friend invited me to train for a marathon. Against better judgment, I accepted. I started training in Jan of 2021, prepping for a June marathon.

I said yes because I needed an excuse to work out and I like listening to audio content. Also, I began running a lot in college, which was good times. The best part is getting to the top of a mountain, running a mountain trail, or discovering a new route. It all seems so natural and human. Just you and the land.

I actually did enjoy some beautiful scenery not too dissimilar to this while training.

There’s something enlivening about a long run. There’s an endorphin kick that boosts your mental state. Then while running, you keep finding ways to make the same route a little bit longer. Or make it exactly 5 miles.

I often would push my kids in the stroller. I’m not sure how they survived, but they did. There was a great long lath that was a perfect 5 mile there and back, with hardly any interruption.

I’m not sure why this memory came back to me, because I’m pretty sure I never want to train for a marathon again. It’s horrible. It takes so much time. And then I got injured so I couldn’t even compete. But deep down there’s still a longing for a long run.


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