I’m Grateful for Music

It heals. It moves. It communicates.

Wednesday January 17, 2024


Music is a beautiful thing.

I’m not much of a musician, but I do love it. The first time I learned to play the guitar I felt a new form of communication.

I had known the piano before that, having played it in high school. But there was something about the guitar that taught me how to speak with music.

You speak with random noises from your mouth, surely you can speak with emotion from a musical instrument.

And people do. Great musicians communicate something in a way that words alone cannot express. And sometimes the music itself evokes an identity you didn’t know existed.

That’s the power of music. And I think it’s really cool that humans all over the world understand this power.

At some point you wanted to be this guy or girl, admit it.

Reminds me as well of a close friend who wrote an album when a loved one passed away. Those were some of the most beautiful lyrics and music I had ever heard. Sometimes the best music comes from nobodies, including yourself.


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