I’m Grateful for My Childhood

A few good choices, a lot of good fortune, and great parents.

Friday January 12, 2024


I won the childhood lottery. I had good parents, good siblings, good friends, and luckily made a few good choices.

That’s all it takes: a few good choices. I credit my parents for giving me a good home to grow up in, a good religion to teach me good principles, and a lot of support.

As I grow older, time reveals itself. The dust under the childhood cushion is now identified. As I raise my own children I wonder: how did they do it?

Which perhaps is what my children will ask me someday.

Childhood is playing

I’m grateful I played a lot.

I’m grateful for parents who take up the challenge to raise the next generation. I’m grateful for siblings to live, love, and learn from. For friends who make the journey an adventure, and for a family that I can always come back to.


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