I’m Grateful for New York

And it’s way of life

Wednesday February 7, 2024


Since I was a kid, going to the city was a quarterly event. Whether going to the Bronx Zoo or the Met for a class field trip or a Yankees game, the city was always an adventure. As I grew up, it’d be the place to go to shows and concerts and visit family members who lived there.

Then when I was 22, I spent a summer as an intern there. Living in the city taught me what it means to be in the city.

From a guy who’d come up to help me with something on the Subway, to the lady who gave me some of her loose change to take the cross town bus, I was humbled by how people there look after each other. It’s hard to notice when the people are tough on the surface. But deep down they care for each other.

I’ve been to LA, and lived near SF, and DC and nothing compares to “city”.

New York skyline


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