I’m Grateful for Things I Don’t Understand

The process of discovery and enlightenment is fulfilling

Thursday January 18, 2024


I don’t know about or understand a lot of things. Here’s a random list:

The thing with knowledge is that the more you get of it, the more questions you have about the world. It was kind of hard even making that list above because I know enough to know that I don’t know enough about it. What about all the things I know nothing about. Or scarier, what about the things I think I know something about but really don’t.

All these things mean there’s something to be learned on every day, every minute. The world is full. We are all multi-faceted individuals who can do a ton of different things. Perhaps often we compare ourselves to those who know most about a subject vs the value and opportunity we bring with the unique set of knowledge each of us has accumulated.

I’m grateful I’m usually wrong. It means there’s a better way. And if things turned out okay and I’m wrong, that’s even better: it means I can improve!

I’m grateful I’m able to learn from anyone on earth, who at least has a guaranteed different life experience and set of knowledge gained. I’m also grateful that everyone else is as imperfect as me, which means I can challenge them to figure out how they came to their knowledge and whether their knowledge is actually that or just a belief/opinion/etc.

All of this is fun, gives diversity to life, lets me know that there’s hope for a better world.

Learning from brains that learn from books written by brains


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