I’m Grateful for Wet Suits


Wednesday April 3, 2024


I’ve been going to the beach for four years and have never gotten deep into the water. It’s frigid. I’ll skimboard along the surface or the little crash but never felt a need to go into the water. Besides, it’s freezing.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t want to if it’s warm - I love to body surf and boogie.

Recently I went back to the beach but with a wet suit in hand. Suddenly everything was better. The Skimboarding was better because I wasn’t afraid of falling and getting a rash, or I wasn’t afraid of being cold. I could take the waves head on. And then I just went right out into the water and had the best boogie of my life on a solid wave.

It was incredible. I mourned that I’ve wasted 4 years.

Get out there!


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