News Notes for 2024-01-23



Tuesday January 23, 2024



Tesla finally releases FSD v12, its last hope for self-driving | Electrek - 300k rules based system down to a model - you’ll need both: a model and overrides. - Or, you train the model by learning from the scenarios encoded in your 300k rules engine (like DeepMind’s AlphaGo)

Fast Tracking RAG Model Evaluation with Synthetic Data - synthetic data to evaluate RAG responses? - A response is non-deterministic, random - Perhaps do a Levenshtein distance of sorts to evaluate of response is as good as you want? - But isn’t this the same as question-answer pairs and instruction tuning?

Auto Wiki by - this proves how powerful AI is. Just add data and watch it churn. - An example of an AI product.


Python Does Not Fully Deliver OOP Encapsulation Functionalities - I learned how attributes are names in a Python class. As an R programmer, most of these things were never taught to me in school, and I’ve never really needed to know them (until working with software engineers)


How Gong builds product - by Lenny Rachitsky - the planning!! > We do not plan monthly or biweekly. Both the engineering leader and I dislike the Scrum methodology. We feel it’s trying to drive urgency via artificial deadlines versus via value to the customer. And by forcing “commitment” to deliverables within a time window, it essentially inhibits on-the-fly trade-offs between content, quality, and timelines. Yet we have internal reviews with the different groups on a monthly basis.


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