News Notes for 2024-02-02

Elon can afford Twitter now

Friday February 2, 2024


Elon Musk pay package from Tesla denied by Delaware judge | AP News


Kind of an interesting idea - what if you took the hours he worked to figure out what his hourly rate was. It’s been 7521 days since July 1, 2003, the day Tesla incorporated. That means his work has been worth 7.312M dollars per day. A quick search shows Tesla’s revenue was 81Bn in 2022, about 221M per day. So his comp is just 3% of current daily revenue.

I’m sure I’m missing something, like how much he’s been comped in the past. But 3% for making a company what it is doesn’t seem unreasonable. Of course, that’s not 3% on last year. That’s like 67% of 2022 revenue. Indeed that’s a lot.

Man, getting paid $7m per day is a lot of money. With $55M (assuming post tax) money he could buy literally every house in my town, at a premium of 50%. Imagine: a town called Elon. Or he could finally afford Twitter 🧐.


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