Gemini in the iOS Google app, TikTok advancements, and ChatGPT memory

Crazy world

Wednesday February 14, 2024


The crazy thing about AI is that it’s moving so faat it’s not longer “that’d be cool in 5 years if it did X”. Instead it’s “TikTok is doing X, Google’s doing Y, researchers just did Z, OpenAI just did A-K…Apples still sleeping which means it’s gonna do J-Z”.

AI will turn pictures into movies:

ChatGPT retains memory

OpenAI Gives ChatGPT a Memory | WIRED

  • Will this create echo chambers?
  • is doing this. Helpful for building personal assistants.

Gemini on Mobile

This doesn’t work:

Come on

But at the top there’s a Gemini button:

Gemini in the Google iOS app

And here it’s working!

Gemini makes photos

Use Create AI images with Google’s Gemini model instead.


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