The Author’s Angle Matters


Saturday July 17, 2021


Imagine the following story:

“In recent events, a ferocious fox savagely attacked a Turkey, who fortunately was able to escape to safety by pecking out the fox’s eyes.”

Simple story. A bit gruesome. But, what in today’s news cycle is positive? How can we be better readers of the news when it’s targeted at making us angry?

Foxes and turkeys are highlighted in the news all the time and it’s often the worst of humanity. The goal of many authors is to evict emotion from you so you’ll keep reading. Anger. Fear. Worry. Those keep you hooked.

What’s the author’s motive? Often we have to guess it. Wouldn’t it be nice instead if authors were transparent about why they were writing a story:

Wouldn’t it be great if we could know the author in addition to what the author is writing about? Every article should have not just “about the author” but, “three people’s perspectives about the author’s intent in writing this that know the author well.” Of course, you’d need to verify the three verifiers, but it’d be a start


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