What is humanity

Humanity seeks to resolve problems. What happens when they’re too easily solved?


Saturday December 16, 2023


AI and humanity

I code in cursor. I use ChatGPT when that fails. I see Pika and Runway for text to video. I see midjourney for photos. Other things that just use GPT to make blog posts.

Will AGI even solve the problem of getting everything to connect to everything?

Do we want a stochastic assistant to have access to my bank account, text messages, medical records, social media accounts, etc?

Will LLMs be the space between human communication? If we’re all using bots to generate material to send to each other, and all use bots to summarize that, then where will the real human connection exist?

We all want a world where our problems go away, but if we don’t have problems then are we human? To be naturally human is to be discontent and desire more, and it takes the wise to overcome these impulses. But the masses are not and never have been wise. Only the individuals.

The future is bright. But where does humanity fit into all of it?

When problems are too easy to solve with AI, humanity gets to focus even more on the really hard problems: agreeing on how to get along.


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