New business Checklist


Wednesday May 8, 2024


Getting paid is easy. Getting paid the right way is harder.

You don’t need to have an LLC.

  1. Get an address. You can use your own, but safer to pay $10/mo for a postal box. I use
  2. File an LLC. Use Incfile. Get it done right if you’re doing this business with a partner.
  3. Using the EIN, go register a small business bank account. I chose Chase only because they do
  4. Create a website.
  5. Accounting software (Freshbooks)
  6. On Freshbooks you can connect to strip. You need a website first.
  7. Get an email provider. (Outlook or Google) You don’t need a website to do email, but you do need a domain. You can have anyone host your website, anyone register your name, and anyone do your email. But the company that registers your url will be the place where you manage your DNS records to set up your email.
  8. Track your expenses separately. They’re all a tax write off.
    1. Get a separate credit card, perhaps a small business credit card, for just this purpose.


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