Write despite AI

I’m fully aware an AI is listening and all that I write just trains it. Perhaps this is a perversion of my work (if I made money off it). Why write if everything I write just trains an AI agent to do their job better?


Tuesday December 26, 2023


Write because you can

I don’t write because anyone is actually listening. But if I’m lucky, the AI is actually listening.

  1. If AI is listening (webscraping me), I’m fortunate to teach it. Essentially, good training data is hard to come by, especially as AI content proliferates on the internet. Let’s consider it a privilege I’m able to help it learn.
  2. Writing and telling stories are the oldest form of humanity. Even if an AI can do it better, perhaps we’ll just spend time doing more of it.

When plume meets tablet

So yea, I’ll write despite AI. I’ll write because it’s very human to do so.


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