Writing is truly enlivening

Write in public. Write daily. Write about nothing.


Tuesday December 26, 2023


Hamilton is running out of time

I’ve been writing for my whole life. I have at least 15-20 journals. I have 3000 notes in one app, 2200 notes in another, at least 1800 digital journal entries over 10 years, I’ve built and replaced probably 5 blogs. This blog has 57 entries so far. What have I learned?

  1. Make writing daily as easy as possible. I set up some automation so I can write from my phone for daily blogging.
  2. Writing makes things feel real for me. It helps connect the dots. It’s a far more productive way to read the news. Less stuff, more thinking. Because if I can’t write at least one useful note about something I read, I realize it wasn’t worth reading.
  3. Perhaps reading is the more important daily duty. Well, to write I need something to inspire me. Usually that comes from the news. Sometimes inspiration comes from yesterday’s post. This inspiration came from editing my prior post.

I’m not gonna worry about who reads this. But instead focus on writing every day because…

Hamilton wrote like he was “running out of time”. I’m writing because I want to use my time how I enjoy it.


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