Bad teams bad leaders



Thursday March 21, 2024


I knew the moment I joined this team I made a mistake.

Yea, I’ve had a few jobs.

On one team, I was told day one “I think you applied for the wrong job family” when I was vulnerable with my manager about my career objectives.

On another team I joined I was asked to unionize the first week. “If we all unionize, leadership can’t do anything”. Though no union was formed, that person and ten others were let go six weeks later.

On a third team, I was told “But that’s what we hired PhD’s to do, and you don’t have a PhD”.

On another team I joined after 3 members had just quit. My leader sat down and asked us all what could be done better. Changes were made. I knew I joined the right team.

On another team I was told in my first interview with my manager, “I’m so excited you’re here, I can tell you have a ton of experience, you have a lot of insights already and I can’t wait to see what you can do”. Morale, unshockingly, seems very high on the team.

Which team is worth fighting for? I’ve found my team.

It’s not the situation. It’s how the leader reacts to the situation.

A #reflection : I don’t regret how I chose my role. I did all that I could. I chose well. There were unknown unknowns.



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