Body Language in Public Speaking


Tuesday April 9, 2024


What does your body language communicate?

When you speak, the content as well as the inflection of your tone matter a lot. This is evident in good audio books.

But comedians understand the impact that timing and body language have on the delivery a joke. A joke is either funny or not based on what’s been said. And good jokes build throughout the set.

When doing public speaking, most sit awkwardly with their hands. What are they communicating by this? They’re communicating as if their audience is blind - audio only.

Humans are social creatures by nature. Dont mis an opportunity to communicate with good body language. Your movements on stage should say something. Your arm movements should say something. There should be a theme.

Like a thesis statement, all words in a paragraph should support the thesis. All body movements should support the thesis of your content.

Get moving.


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