17 appointments. What?


Tuesday June 11, 2024


I have a commission only cold caller. He started last Thursday and has booked one appointment per 4 hour shift. Two of them didn’t turn out to be interested (expected).

Then my full time guy joined today. He was hard to negotiate with. He wanted $5/hour. I offered him double that, but in commissions. He pushed back.

We settled on $2.5 per hour plus commissions. We went back and fourth three times.

Why was this good?

Well it showed me he knows how to negotiate. Why hire a salesperson who can’t negotiate?

Yesterday in 7 hours he booked 17 appointments.

I don’t know what to do. So I set up Calendly so he can book my calendar. And I set up zoom for zoom calls. And I integrated pipe drive.

Today I’m gonna nail my proposal PDF. Get


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