3 signed customers and perhaps 1-2 more coming this week


Saturday June 8, 2024


I posted on Friday on Facebook that I’m starting a local SEO business. A few interesting things happened:

  1. A coworker from an internship in 2012 reached out to me saying her company needs help with this. Meeting booked next Wednesday
  2. A mentor from my youth reached out cryptically saying “call me if you want to tell me about what your doing”
  3. A person said “everything you just wrote describes what I’m feeling”. Meeting booked Monday
  4. My Filipino cold caller found someone who at least listened to me. 10% chance of going through is higher than 0%. My Filipino cost me $0 because he’s on a $300 commission (half of a whole months pay)
  5. My own mother in law signed up. I hadn’t even thought of her.
  6. I got maybe 2-4 other solid leads from things that could be a great match.

8 hours replying to each person who liked my post. I want to build a community - not just spam people. These 60 likes are my fans. People who like me enough to like it. Or like what I’m doing.

$390 in recurring revenue. If Monday drops I’m at maybe +$225. That’s $615. My phone center is $220/mo. My callers are free. My virtual assistant to help me is $500/mo. I’m a few hundred from breakeven. I still don’t even know how to make a Google business profile, the thing I’m selling.

But I understand what’s going on, so I can sell. I just haven’t done it yet.

But I’m gonna learn.



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