Almost at first $1k


Tuesday June 11, 2024


Two weeks ago @James Lincoln asked me my offer. I laid out my offer and he just said “yea you could do that but that offer doesn’t really work with agents and it’s a long sales cycle.”

It just woke me up. I’ve been so on the fence about all of this TBH. It’s just so not me. I’m a corporate software guy….

So I then pounded all the local SEO work last week and texted 5 friends. The wife of one of the friends signed up for $150. Then my fam member signed up for $120. Then I posted on Facebook. 

Another fam member saw my post who I’d just had dinner with the night before and was like “how did I not know you are doing this?” They signs up with their little business for $120.

My FB post offered $225 as an intro rate. I told my story. 70 people have liked it. I messaged each and every one. 

One person who liked it, didn’t know it was legit. She thought my FB account was hacked because I never post on FB. She’s a friend from 10 years ago. Haven’t spoken too since college. They’re a realtor. 

If they hadn’t liked and I hadn’t messaged then to thank me for liking, they never would have known this was a real thing, and perhaps it never would have been a real thing.

I sent my offer and today they signed up for $600/mo for Local SEO at $225 and local ads at $375/mo on Facebook. If they sell their house, they makes $15k. It’s a no brainer. 

Once they gives me their credit card they gives an audible sigh of relief, “Bryan I know I just paid you $600 but I feel $6,000 of relief!! Can’t wait to have your help! Send me home work!”

I still have no idea what to do but here we go! 

ALL CAPS TIME. HUGE THANKS TO JAMES FOR MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE. i don’t know how you figured this all out with a job, kids, and an MBA. Hats OFFF. Let’s GOOOO!!!!!!!!


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