Leaky bucket


Friday June 21, 2024


The thing about building so much so quickly is I’m starting to feel like a leaky bucket. I just know I’m letting some stuff go but need to conventrate on the most important thing.

Right now that’s switching from outlook to Google. ive decided I want everything to be in docs. Easy to share on a per client basis. Outlook was a choice for 9 months ago when I launched but I regret it.

Once I can do that then I can give more accounts to my team members so they can email people and we look more legit.

It’s all these little things that you just can’t think about when beginning. But friction comes from dozens of places. My role is to unblock my team on things they can’t do. Then I focus on stuff only I can do: sell and set up infrastructure.

I have a meeting with an apartment complex later this week. Crazy to think about what could come of that.

I have to remind myself I’m only 14 days solidly into this. I barely even know what’s going on. But people are miraculously signing up.


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