Paying people


Friday June 14, 2024


One worker had to borrow $60 to pay for internet so he could cold call.

Yesterday his friend called him saying he needed the money to pay for his Internet.

I paid him on PayPal for his time, but his bank closed his account. So he needs to pick up cash.

Then another worker needed to pick up his $40. He’s trying to work two jobs at once.

How am I involved with these guys? They get fired at any time. No benefits. Constantly applying to work for whoever the Internet will hire. They do a few months and then they’re back and unemployed again. Sometimes for months.

I respect them.

I found two guys who can help me with local SEO. I spent hours trying to set up different payment systems. I did some Kixie set up.

Tomorrow I’m going to build two proposals. I’m overdue. And I need to finish something for


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