Friday July 5, 2024


It felt like a Sturdys but k was a Friday.

I had to let someone go today who wasn’t doing their job. I guess I was worried about it at the onset. I don’t want to hire someone who has red flags. It means you have to onboard them and people get used to them and then they have to go.

But is what it is. I ended up hiring someone who learned SEO from the person I let go. How did I know? They used the same template.

Still at 1515. Waiting for lots of deals to drop next week. Maybe mine will. I just need one more to stop losing money.

So many bits of minutia. Am I really going to keep doing this? i think so. It’s easy to just pour hours into though. Will it be worth my ROI? I don’t know. So far and a few hundred hours and I still haven’t gotten paid.


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