Three cold calls


Thursday June 27, 2024


Cold call 1 (follow up from Guil) - very interested. - Wants to work with me even though people are offering $225/mo

Cold call 2: Are you a small business? This person was caught off guard because I’m small and he’s been raked over by people who just take his money and don’t do anything.

Cold call 3: just wants a website. He haggles me down and I concede. I eventually say “I’m at my limit you have 24 hours” and he says “what do you have to lose? Gimme a few days” I feel used. I feel stripped down. This isn’t worth it.

The first two people saw my value immediately - within 5 minutes. The first guy wanted me to call him back this evening. I did and he had an emergency.

I have a big client on Friday. I’ve been prepping. I know how to handle them. I’m excited.

I’ve got 7 clients now. Ramping up. Trying to get things working. Just excited. Crazy that Guil’s three cold calls today did so well. Very exciting.


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