Two worlds


Saturday July 6, 2024


There are two worlds in starting this business:

There is no in between. It’s just a game of tennis. This is anxiety. I hope it doesn’t always have to be like this.

When I take a step back and look at the bigger picture though, this is what my last month has looked like (See below). It’s good to sit back and look.

I believe this is going to work out. I do. It will because it’s not some massive risk. It’s very small but sized opportunities. Each client is their own. There is no coordinated systemic risk. I’m not swinging for the fences. I just need a few bunts per month. If bunt 1 misses, it’s uncorrelated with bunt 2. They’ll fall. People see the value. That’s why it’s going to be a slog, but it’s also in my mind worth the hustle.

Dear team.

This week, the following has happened:

Housekeeping: - I paid most people as of the time of this post. if you haven’t been paid, check your DM’s.

Next week: - Goal: sign 2 deals out of 3-4 that are hopeful. None are more than 2 weeks old since Guil’s first cold call, it typically takes 3-4 fweeks to close. @Guil’s confident that within time a lot of these folks will

Team notes: - Thank you for all the work that you’re doing. As of June 7, none of you existed to me. Now we have 7 paid staff, 6 paying customers ($1515/mo MRR - all friends and family). This was an incredibly wild month. I honestly didn’t think this was really possible, but here we are. - I think we have our team - we’re ready to scale to Ads and Social media, and we have plenty of support on Local SEO work. We’ll focus on growing our business for the next month. - I’m invested in helping each of you grow in your careers. Where there’s hard work, I recognize it! I’ve already given 2 raises. I see what you put in! I want to support you and your families for years to come. - We’re all learning together. Thanks for your patience. I apologize if I’m not immediately responsive to every question. - When in doubt, take some actions and just let me know what you did! I doubt anyone is capable of messing anything up - you’re all really smart and experienced. I may ask for some revisions, but I don’t want to slow you down.

Let’s go!!


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