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chart critique

Thursday January 4, 2024

chart critique

Reading about Airplane’s failure per OnlyCFO. A few notable quotes:

Airplane’s shutdown and future shutdowns like this will have negative consequences for many early stage companies. For many years buyers of these tools haven’t had to deal with a tool being abruptly killed. It only takes this happening once for you to really second guess purchasing a startup tool that is mission critical, deeply integrated, or would take a long time to replace.


Carta showing shutdowns

This chart is misleading for a few reasons:

  1. What’s the denominator?
  2. What’s the denominator…
  3. Denomi…

As Carta grows, their user base grows, their churn rate grows.

I’m also concerned for Carta’s investors. If they’ve got this many churning users, I’d really like to know the denominator.


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