What startups and musicians have in common

A recently signed Artist is their own startup

Thursday January 4, 2024


I was reminded of a video I watched a while back on YouTube. It was a great documentary about these new artists and their debate about whether to sign a record label (there’s a recent trend to selling music as an independent artist).

Putting pen to ink

I forget all the details, but there are some roughly insane trends that are generally interesting as I recall:

Why is this similar to tech startups? Lots.

Musicians have to find product market fit. They need to find their customers. Their monthly listeners.

They need to keep them coming back.

They need to differentiate.

Those who are customer focused and build a following are those who succeed. (Money in the bank and relying too much on the label can cripple you)

The Musicians in Town

I remember hanging out with some new artists while I was running my startup (we both used the same videographer). I couldn’t help but notice how similar the dynamics were. The founders. The first hires (replacements). The convos about who gets what. It’s all very fascinating.

Not much else to say.


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