Dune: Messiah

by Frank Herbert. More political than the first. Focusing on the torment of a leader who has it all. What must it be like to have everything? The thought experiment is worth the read.

Monday January 8, 2024



Sequel to Dune.

Dune Messiah

2024-01-13 - things were better when we only had one enemy: Harkonnen - more money more problems - Paul sees the prison cell. - Is anyone better off with more riches? - Religion and government. Government meant to be challenged. What happens when government

Questions: - where is Gurney? - What is a stone burner? - Why did he go to Othiem house to get the dwarf? - “It’s easy to confuse clear thinking with correct thinking. Was there a flaw in the Tleliaxieu logic? - What was the detailed plan of the dwarf? - kill Chaney, restore her body as a ghola and relinquish is throne - What’s the relationship of the dwarf with


2024-01-08 Notes: - sometimes lies are easier to believe than the truth - He may be a mentat, Benegesseret, etc but he’s still human. He has a weakness. -


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