Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success


Tuesday April 30, 2024


Connections - rewire your brain

Core takeaways: - Book time for prospecting. Protect that time. - Lighten the mood, build a relationship.

Summary: - sales is about a relationship, not a vendor ship. It’s treating people kindly. Treating your employees the way you treat others. Matching offerings - Sales is much less about techniques. Focus on the value you offer. - Sales is an emotional game. - Give goals: give stuff to ppl. - Book of prospecting time and don’t let it move.



Clarify expectations. - Be clear. - Be assertive. - Make commitments.

Review how you interact with different personality styles

Have a truth telling convo with yourself - Why do you feel you’re not hitting your goals? - Check your assertiveness

How well do you make decisions? - if you’re not good at making decisions, you can’t expect your customers to make decisions

Agree and align: - find the truth. - Ask questions of inquiry Never Split the Difference and Feeling Good Together - How to Win Friends and Influence People → agree with people. Get them to like you.

Chapter 5

Chapter 2 - slow down. Build partnership. - How to Win Friends and Influence People - be deeply interested in others. - Each day focus on improving. - Stress tolerance: all this competition/recession will get rid of our competitors. - Top sales: create opportunities. - Humor to relieve stress. - People buy emotionally, Not logically

Make a decision - What are you doing? You need to focus.

Chapter 1 - price to value. Sell the value, not the price.

Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success


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