2024-01-14 Come Follow Me CTR 7 Jan 7-14

Lesson plan
come follow me lesson plan

Wednesday January 10, 2024

come follow me lesson plan


This week I’ve learned how much doctrine is captured in the first five chapters of the Book of Mormon. I didn’t know Lehi saw a pillar. I studied how Sariah had to wait on the Lord and that all promises are filled in His own time and way. There’s doctrine in how to respond to people when they’re complaining (good parenting tips). To have a positive attitude when things are crazy: ask “why not?”


FHE idea

  • study how a seed is planted.
  • Watch a video of how long it takes for seeds to come above ground. Some seeds pop up instantly (sprouts). Others can take many weeks. (Coco de Mer takes a few years to pop up). We’re above ground. The Lord is below ground. We just gotta keep watering and we’ll see what he’s promised to us pop up when He’s ready. Just gotta have faith.


Miracles they saw: - Lehi’s vision 1 Nephi - Got the plates - Saw an angel


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